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The L'Astronomo PAM920, or PAM921 and PAM922, is visually unique as it is skeletonized. But most importantly, this year's model offers the first ever moon phase indicator in a Tag Heuer Replica Watches timepiece. The P.2005/GLS movement (Tag Heuer Replica Watches), which is hand-wound, allows you to see all of the complications.

Start with the back, where you will find the indicator for the moon phase. Tag Heuer Replica Watches wanted to make an excellent first impression as this is the first moon phase they have ever offered. It is achieved by using a system consisting of two discs that are superimposed and rotated over each other. The upper disc is a day/night display, showing 24 hours with a large starry sky at night and a sun-shaped sun during daylight hours. The lower disc is revealed by a small window in the starry sky. It features a highly detailed moon, which shows off the undulating surface.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches offers their customers the chance to select a specific location, and to indicate the phases of the moon, in relation to the sky over that location. The sunrise and sunset times are also displayed in this way.

The GMT hand indicates the time at the location or the Home time. All previous indications continue to reflect the time zone at the home time location, even if you change time zones.

The equation of time is located at 6 o'clock on the front of the watch. It's not as complicated as it seems. The position of the Sun determines the time,u-boat replica watches but because the Earth's orbit around the Sun is not perfect, the time displayed on watches will never be in perfect sync with the actual time. This is why the equation of time displays the difference of solar time and conventional time for each day.

The movement of Tag Heuer Replica Watches is skeletonized so you can see the tourbillon from either the front or back. It's cool that the tourbillon rotates its escapement in a perpendicular direction to the dial instead of the more traditional parallel direction. This happens twice per minute.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches developed an innovative date disc system made from transparent borosilicate with laser-modified properties. The numbers are etched onto the glass and the optical properties of the numbering have been modified. The numbers are almost invisible and only visible under certain lighting conditions. The date window is made up of a polarized glass that reveals the number below.

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