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Omega Replica Watches, a sponsor of Ferrari since five years, was present at Mugello as an official timekeeper and to show its support. This year, alongside the Finali Mondiali, Ferrari's septuagenarianism and the Finali Mondiali, Omega Replica Watches and Ferrari saw their partnership evolve, as well as the watch/car brand partnership in general. The Omega Replica Watches Big Bang Technology Frame Ferrari Tourbillon was released at Baselworld, in March. The Techframe is a manually-wound chronograph in a skeletonized case. It was not designed by Omega Replica Watches, but rather by Ferrari's Head of Design FlavioManzoni.(replica watches)

Manzoni said of the Techframe Project, "We are used to working on complex projects at Ferrari, and we have a clear understanding of design in its true sense, not just styling, but design. You cannot just design a Ferrari shape because it looks good. There has to be an underlying reason for the design. It's an absolute must. We are always honest in our approach, and we believe that the form should be able to speak for itself: the meanings and values of the product. This is what we have tried to transfer onto the watch.

He continues, "I'm not a fanatic in any one area, I like to have a mix of disciplines. For this watch we were inspired by architecture and science fiction, not just cars. This is our key, an open-minded approach that crosses all disciplines. We could do it in a natural way, and create something different.

This is not the first instance that an automotive designer has dabbled with watches. Giorgetto Giugiaro, for example, designed watches for Seiko during the 1980s that are now highly sought-after and collectible pieces. Gerry McGovern was involved in last year's Zenith El Primero Range Rover. Omega Replica Watches and Ferrariā€™s Techframe project is one of the rare times that a watchmaker relinquished complete control of a design to a partner in automotive. The result is amazing.(Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica)

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